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 Brett Kirkpatrick, PH.D.

About Me

Dr. Brett Kirkpatrick completed his undergraduate degree at Davidson College with a bachelor’s of science in psychology.  He completed his master’s degree at Loyola University Maryland after which he completed his PhD at the University of Kentucky’s APA-accredited counseling psychology program.  

Prior to returning to graduate school to pursue his life-long goal of becoming a psychologist, Dr. Kirkpatrick worked in corporate America for 10 years at a large insurance company and financial institution.  

Dr. Kirkpatrick’s clinical work has ranged from college and university counseling centers to an in-patient psychiatric hospital, a state prison, and a community mental health agency.  Dr. Kirkpatrick primarily works with adults and focuses on presenting problems that include depression, anxiety, panic attacks, trauma, identity development, relationship issues, and issues pertaining to masculinity and other men’s issues.  Social justice, equity, diversity, and multiculturalism are values and ideals that Dr. Kirkpatrick strives to recognize in his daily work.

Dr. Kirkpatrick utilizes an integrative approach that combines evidence-based treatments such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and interpersonal process in therapy (IPT) with acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT).  In general, Dr. Kirkpatrick emphasizes and values building strong therapeutic relationships with his clients and working on cognitive flexibility, emotional regulation, and overall acceptance.

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