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Our Services
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We offer both in-person and virtual therapy to individuals of all ages. Therapy sessions typically occur on a weekly basis. We view the therapy process as a collaborative one shaped by your needs and what you’re hoping to gain from our time together.

The first 1-3 sessions are used to explore what brings you into therapy, gather information about you and your history, and identify the goals you would like to work towards in therapy. These initial sessions are also helpful in determining if your therapist is a good fit for you, your needs, and your therapy goals. If it does not seem to be a good fit, your therapist will work with you to provide an appropriate referral(s).

If you and your therapist decide to move forward after the first few sessions, weekly therapy appointments will be scheduled. We believe it is most  beneficial to establish a set day and time to meet, however; we also understand that your appointment time may occasionally need to change.


We offer couples therapy to individuals struggling within their romantic relationships due to issues with communication, conflict, co-parenting, infidelity, loss of passion, cohabitation, and more. For couples therapy to be successful, both members of the dyad must be meaningfully engaged in the process.

Couples Therapy

Research shows that Group Therapy is as effective as, or in some cases more effective
than, individual therapy. It is a relational form of treatment that builds understanding of
self and others. It allows members to give and receive feedback while focusing on
here-and-now reactions, feelings, and impulses occurring in the moment.

Now Accepting new clients: Tuesday Evening Adult therapy group

For adults (ages 18+) experiencing concerns or struggles that are affected by or are affecting relationships. This group is unstructured and membership is open to a
broad range of concerns and treatment goals. Involves a weekly commitment. Screenings Required.

Contact Dr. Brooks for more information:

Group Therapy

Our therapists will work to address specific issues that affect the health and wellbeing of the family. Therapy will focus on creating a safe space for all family members to help foster effective communication and coping within the family system.

Family therapy

Psychological Evaluations are undertaken to assist in treatment planning, to develop educational/learning interventions, and/or provide valuable information for making decisions regarding diagnosis or the need for medication.  Specialty areas which may be evaluated include:


Ages 14+

  • General Psychological Evaluations

  • Diagnostic Clarification

  • Adult ADHD evaluations

  • Intellectual/Cognitive Assessments

  • Mood Disorders – anxiety, depression, trauma

  • Personality Disorders

  • Competence to Stand Trial

  • Mental Status at the Time of the Offense

  • Psychosocial functioning of potential adoptive parents

  • ADHD (ages 5 and up)


Every evaluation is individualized and assessment tools are selected based on your age and the identified reason for the evaluation. The intake, testing procedures, and feedback session can range from 8 to 12 hours, depending on the areas of need. The psychologist will provide an explanation of the testing process and a complete report of the findings.


The purpose of the evaluation is to complete cognitive testing, and occasionally achievement testing, as part of the application process for private/independent schools. The process will take place in one 1-3 hour visit. Following the evaluation, a summary of the results will be provided, including a list of scores, in a brief report for you to submit with your application.


Medication consultation and management is available for clients seeking medication to improve overall mental health. These services are part of a collaborative process where we work together to develop a tailored treatment plan to help you manage your symptoms. Our psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners prescribe psychotropic medication as needed, while also providing psychoeducation to ensure you understand how your medication works and how it will benefit you.

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